Depth of Knowledge . Superior Service . Exceptional Results

 What We Do


We provide consulting solutions for regulators and companies in the insurance and financial services industries.  We deliver our projects on a standalone basis or as special projects and value-added services in connection with ongoing regulatory examinations. We have strategic business alliances within the industry that ensure we can deliver the best possible consulting team for each project, regardless of size.  We also invest in and support  startup companies that leverage patent pending blockchain, secure data transfer processes and data acquisition and validation engines that will transform financial services, medical device and healthcare IoT.

We provide a full range of services to our regulatory customers.  These include:

  • Financial Condition Examinations
  • Market Regulation Services
  • Policy Rate and Form Reviews
  • Information Technology Examinations
  • Troubled Company Services
  • Actuarial Services

We specialize in:

  • Special Projects and Studies on Industry Hot Topics and Areas of Concern by Our Customers
  • Compliance Services including audits  (insurance companies and financial services companies)
  • Special Target Audits and Investigations
  • Risk Analytics
  • Transactional Assistance
  • Litigation Support
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Training Programs
  • Due Diligence Support
  • Internal Audit Services (insurance companies only)

Services We Provide 

 Who We Are

We are seasoned regulatory consultants and compliance professionals who have over the years developed a reputation as trusted service providers.  More importantly, we  are dedicated to our mission.  Our team includes former insurance regulators, Big 4 auditors, investment bankers, attorneys  and insurance executives with a proven track record.  This collection of experience, when combined with our mission, delivers the exceptional results we promise.

Welcome to Assurity Resources, Inc. where we strive to be a different type of regulatory and compliance consulting firm.  We recognize that traditional regulatory consulting services must evolve to provide deeper insight and stronger analytics  to meet the expectations of today's regulators.  We operate on a national scale and provide the full range of services expected by our customers.  The difference is the depth of knowledge and level of service we bring to each project.  We only accept projects where we are confident we can provide the requisite attention and expertise.