Assurity is an investor and a service provider to two technology startup companies that leverage patent pending blockchain technology, secure data transfer processes and a data acquisition validation engine that will transform a variety of industries.  The initial targeted products and services are in the medical device and healthcare IoT space, soon to be followed by financial services, including disruptive insurance and payment processing innovations.

SymShield is a FinTech startup that leverages blockchain technology to provide secure payment processing for small banks, credit unions and merchants. Our disruptive technology generates new revenue streams for our customers and a secure value proposition for their customers.

Capnesity developed a miniaturized remote capnography monitoring device that is pluggable into existing masks or usable as a standalone device. Patients can be mobile and recover at home with peace of mind knowing their breathing is monitored. Providers receive real-time and continuous monitoring data with further direct emergency contact capability, if needed. Capnesity will transform medical device development and healthcare IoT by providing a secure data acquisition and validation solution to power artificial intelligence innovation. Visit for more information.